10 tough retailer questions at eTail East 2015

We were in Boston at the eTail East conference. Really excited to meet and greet everyone who came by our booth. I have spoken with many of you on the phone but it was great to finally meet in person. So thank you everyone for taking the time to come by and shake hands. Also a great time to make new relationships and hear what is top of mind for retailers. We were asked some deep and thought provoking questions.  Here’s the gratuitous top 10 list!

What retailers want : 10 tough questions 

1. Revenue attribution is great but I also want guidance on product mix and merchandise assortment. If you could do that, that would be perfect.

Answer: This is scarily prescient. This solution extension has been in the works for our alpha customers. We will share more at Shop.org. Come by our Booth #973  in Philly or contact me to learn more.

2. How do you link visitors across different devices? That’s a problem we wish we could solve.

Answer: We use digital fingerprinting. Drop us a note via the link on the right to schedule a demo.

3. We had a big social team but we disbanded them. If I spend x$ at a tradeshow I know what I make back. I cannot measure demand on Youtube. Can you guys measure what social is worth? I could use the metrics in our quarterly update.

Answer: Yes. Download case study attributing sales to Facebook likes. 

4. Attribution is very very complex. My sales are primarily through contact center and some online. Can you do marketing attribution to contact center sales?

Answer: Yes. See case study

5. I am trying to grow shelf space at Wal-mart. If I can show how social engagement helps in-store sales, that could help me. What can you do?

Answer: The goal is to show you are a better partner than your competitor since you drive more sales for them through digital marketing on your own coin. 

6. My role specifically helps my brands sell online to eRetailers (JC Penney etc.) How can your technology help my team show our brands and retailers how our digital activities are affecting in store sales?

Answer: See answer to #5.

7. I am interested in connecting in-store sales to website visits. What is visitor behavior after  purchase? How do I measure loyalty membership after first purchase?

Answer: Measure loyalty in mind share in addition to purchases. You can do this through our digital fingerprinting technology to measure repeat visits after that first purchase. This is an extension of our attribution technology.

8. There’s a political angle to this. I need to convince store directors that digital is driving in-store sales. How can you help on this?

Answer: Cannot comment on the politics but yes we  can help. Contact us below.

9. What you do sounds great but our annual revenues are $10M. Is your solution right (read: too expensive) for us?

Answer: We work with companies your size. 

10. We sell furniture, electronics, appliances, flooring. We have an in-house team but the question we’re looking to answer is what are the influencers of purchase?

Answer: It’s important to look beyond channels to specific campaigns or ad groups. If you have specific hypotheses we can test these.

Want to know more? See you at the Shop.org conference in Philadelphia. Look for the Orange Bowtie!

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