3 Myths of Social Media ROI [Infographic]

WOMMA has created this awesome infographic that outlines what’s wrong with the way people think of Social Media ROI. To summarize, these are the three myths outlined in their infographic:

  1. Marketers believe that measuring ROI equates to measuring Likes and Followers
  2. Social Media ROI should be calculated the same way as ROI for TV and digital campaigns
  3. Social Media ROI should be measured independently
We have seen marketers make these three mistakes a LOT. The infographic below does a great job of highlighting these mistakes. Take a look:
WOMMA 3Myths resized 600

What’s social engagement worth?

The key is to measure, and to be accountable for the ROI on social media engagement. To see how a Senior Brand Manager got a handle on her social spend download the case study below.

What's social engagement worth? A Case Study in Revenue Attribution

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