The 5-Point Checklist for Marketing Success

checklist for marketing successWhether running marketing campaigns through the email channel, or social media, or catalogs, or through banner ads, successful marketers rely on more than just savvy content creation and product understanding to excel. They need the support of enablers like processes, technologies and their colleagues. So how do you know you are empowered for success. It boils down to the following five points.

1) Relate

You can call it customer centricity. A more descriptive term is relatability. Your campaign will work better if it speaks to the customer. What does she want? What are her needs? There are seven ways to segment the customer-base. Pick one or many. Not sure what works best for you – drop us a note in the contact form to the right for a free consultation. We love hearing from you.

2) Integrate

As an accomplished marketer you are going to face this paradox some day. The better you do, Chained to the deskthe less effective you become. You will face increasing reporting requirements because every stakeholder will want to participate in your success. You will face a data overload with all the different facets of the customer and the organization thrust upon you. So plan ahead. Secure IT and management support to build a data mart with suitable reporting. There are a few key pillars you need to consider – the customer segments, the reporting structures and the campaign lists. And it should not break the bank. With cloud analytics and very cheap data storage, building a powerful decision support environment can be done in the matter of weeks. 

3) Measure

Let’s face it. Your job isn’t easy. The key thing is not to fret about making mistakes but to learn fast and be decisive in course correction. To do this, you need to establishperformance indicators, map these against your initiatives, and monitor progress over time. Depending on your particular work, you may also need a control set and some special tactics to measure the lift of your subscribed versus the unsubscribed population. Not sure what this means or how to go about it – give us a call.

4) Empower

Handoff to next person in businessSo you ran a great campaign. The leads are flowing in.Phew! Job well done. Right? Not quite. You got to make sure you don’t fumble the hand-off to your colleague. So the key is to identify your partner in action and have a chat. Your deliverables should map to their expectations. This needs preparation up front on the objectives and on the deliverables. The hand-off stage is critical and your goal must be to empower the next person in closing the deal or up-selling or further nurturing the customer relationships.

5) Automate

Finally – the key to running a tight ship is to not sweat the details on each of the items above. Embed the analytics right into the process so you don’t wade in the weeds. That’s the principle of marketing intelligence automation. The wheel-diagram below is the implementation of the above recommendations in an integrated solution. Click on it to know more.

Polytab conceptual architecture diagram

Download the free case study below to see how a retailer integrated analytics into its campaign marketing processes, automated the intelligence updates and realized over 40% improvement in revenues per contact.

Retailer integrated intelligence in campaign processes, grew revenues per contact


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