5 warning signs that your CRM initiative is going nowhere

  1. You spent a bundle on CRM technology but your revenues haven’t budgedThe enterprise data mart, the email service provider, the marketing automation software are all excellent tools; but if your metrics did not grow with the investment you made in all the technology, you got a big problem. Usually the issue is integration and a gap in process intelligence. The way to correct this is to embed analytics into your day-to-day marketing processes. The advantage of embedded analytics is that you get the marketing intelligence without incurring extra operational overhead (by way of IT processes or hardware). SaaS (software as a service) analytics are a great example of this.
  2. Your marketing initiatives veer to gimmickry rather than message relevancePolyTab fills the intelligence gapHard to believe (sarcasm intended) but getting the message right is vastly more important than getting the facebook icon over the fold in emails. Promotions need to have relevant content to drive clickthroughs in email campaigns. Messages should be tailored to customer aspirations – and a basic attitudinal or lifestage segmentation is a good start.

    Another factor to consider. The 65 plus generation is now the second largest consumer group in the USA (as per the trends reported in the Retail Horizons from the National Retail Foundation). This demographic is a relatively late adopter of technology and averse to small fonts on handheld devices. This is not to say mobile devices (including tablets) are not the way to go. We just recommend focus on the fundamentals before stepping on the bleeding edge.

  3. You lack a roadmap for list growthMost marketers hit his wall sometime. There are only so many good customers in the current list. You need a strategy for list growth. Do you have a strategy for inbound marketing? Before dropping a lot of money on buying adwords analyze your current customer base, their purchases and their interests. This will help in seeding your campaigns across the forum that best suits your business.
  4. You lack a roadmap for reactivationThey purchased from you – three years ago. Where did you lose them? You need a strategy to reactivate this population. First a basic test. What’s the size of your dormant population. If you do not know this, there is a problem and you need to get a handle on this. The next step is understanding purchase cycles and making your marketing messages relevant. #2 above may help in energizing the customer base.
  5. There are different versions of ‘best customer’ across the organizationWho is your best customer? What does she want? What does she purchase, and when? If you and your colleague in the next department have different measures and different perceptions of the customer, there is a problem and you’re not pulling together. You need to synchronize your understanding of the customer, her worth, purchase behavior and aspirations.

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