8-Takeaways on e-commerce innovation from ETail East 2014 conference

I attended the eTail East conference in Philly a couple of weeks ago. Got to hear from e-commerce leaders on the challenges they are facing in e-commerce and how they are addressing these. Here’re the top points I jotted down.

1. How good is social for assessing customer satisfaction?

  • The picture I took below is blurry. Sorry about that. This chart is based on Foresee’s survey data. On the horizontal axis is customer satisfaction score and on the vertical axis is the count of the respondents. The blue line essentially shows that the customers who are most vocal on the company Facebook account are the ones who are least satisfied.
  • The nut of the argument is that social is dominated by negative feedback.

Customer feedback curve satisfaction

2. How to drive engagement on apps?

  • Differentiate experiences across apps, vs web. take information on customer, what she’s told us to change experience around App. Keep the app fresh but having a new content story a day. If shopping in beauty section – send targeted push content to that section based on browser activity

3. How to leverage cross channel in e-commerce?

  • Send videos with complex installation around product delivery. Post-purchase emails with videos reduces return rates.
  • Map “hover” activity to product recommendations using dynamic product positioning.

4. What are major obstacles in e-commerce?

  • How to integrate content and ecommerce
  • How to differentiate customer experience via apps
  • How to communicate size and fit in an electronic environment? Demonstrability of product is critical. Currently trying to match sizes and fits across products to make fit recommendation.
  • Challenge is dont have data+analytic strategy for mobile. Revenue attribution to mobile remains a problem.

5. How to position content in the user interface?

  • Use responsive design to strip down options based on screen. Reduce need to scroll.
  • Prioritize content recommendations for positioning.

6. What should we measure?

I liked the chart from Foresee below on the key elements to be monitored.
Big 3 customer experience questions


7. What’s top of mind?

  • Mobile! This holiday season is expected to see a surge in mobile influence on store sales. This is the fastest growing category.
  • Need to focus on building apps versus making the mobile web experience more customer relevant
  • Analytics around mobile remains weak.

8. On revenue attribution

  • Key takeaway: Never use last touch, unless you have no other choice.

Revenue attribution 2014 etail resized 600









Totally agree with the above comment. Developments in e-commerce analytics makes it possible to do accurate revenue attribution across all digital channels including social, web search and mobile. The case study below on revenue attribution to social engagement is just one example.

What's social engagement worth? A Case Study in Revenue Attribution


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