Why Infernotions?

The name of the company was inspired by a list from Sequoia Capital on the elements of enduring companies. They defined an Inferno as an environment where a small core team built a product for a huge market without a huge capital outlay. This inspired our vision and mandate. At heart of every such Inferno is a key business problem with real, immediate and urgent impact to our clients.

Hence the name Infernotions.


Varun Madhok: CEO

Varun started Infernotions Technologies as an analytical services and solutions provider. The company built a core competency in fraud and abuse mitigation and by 2011 was working with Fortune 100 insurers. Over this period we saw a shift in how marketing budgets were moving to digital. The projection was that up to 50% of marketing budgets would be devoted to digital by 2016. At the same time, with consumer purchase journeys moving across online and offline channels, marketers found it difficult to justify the impact that digital marketing had on offline sales. That's about $60 billion across North America spent annually without a clear understanding of the ROI. In 2013 he launched Infernotions' revenue attribution solution to guide marketers on where to spend next. Since 2014 the technology has evolved with the digital ecosystem to understand what drives shopping behavior across channels across devices. In 2015 we launched Polytab.com, a turnkey SaaS solution for revenue attribution. Our goal is to make our solution the global standard in guiding retailers on their marketing spend.

Before Infernotions, Varun led the North American services arm for Marketics till its acquisition by WNS Global Services. He worked at IBM and Los Alamos National Laboratory before that.

Varun holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.


Anna Yakubava: Client Services

Anna is a team leader in the client services function. She is responsible for delivery excellence on Infernotions' analytical services engagements. Before Infernotions, Anna worked for the Belarusian Road Engineering and Technology Center as a software developer. By training Anna is a software engineer with a degree from Belarusian National Technical University.


Leszek Reimus: VP Technology

Leszek leads the technology development and guides the infrastructure requirements for the company. By background he is a chemical engineer and studied at the University of Toronto. He also spent some time in the petrochemical sector in the oilpatch before deciding his true talent was in software development. Leszek holds one patent.