Analytical Maturity Model for Marketing Processes

MAke-better-decisions-with-smart-analyticsThe marketing process maturity model presented below identifies the practices that distinguish laggards from leaders like, Netflix, Harrah’s Entertainment and Proctor & Gamble who are using data to continuously hone their strategy and beat the competition. The summary chart below represents the five stages in analytical maturity and the curve running through the graph represents the evolution path to achieving the Level 5 Optimized maturity stage.

polytab maturity model

Click on the button below to do a self-assessment of your own organization. Please give yourself at least 15 minutes to go through a 33 point questionnaire assessing your processes, technology and organizational maturity.

Analytical maturity calculator

Why does this matter?

Because you can have all the hardware and all the personnel, but without the executive support you will go nowhere. Similarly, you can have all the will in the world, but without embedding analytics in your marketing processes you will just end up blowing your budget on wages and consultants. And that’s why, if you are at a Level 2 or a Level 3, you need Polytab to automate marketing intelligence like Amazon and Netflix without stretching your budget or giving IT heartburn.

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