From Big Data to Big Personalization – An Infographic

From the infographic below marketers know how important it is to use big data and provide a personalized online experience for their customers, however not all marketers are doing this. What are their obstacles? They don’t have access to real time data, data isn’t collected frequently enough, inability to turn data into actionable insight. How I interpret this is that they have the data, but they don’t have the internal resources for effective data analysis. One way to solve this is to increase internal resources – hire someone to do data analysis and/or contact your CRM database provider and see if your database can be adapted to run the analysis you need, are there any new add-ons to purchase, or another way to solve it is to look for anexternal analytics provider.

View the infographic below to see how big data and personalization is viewed by your peers and how it can grow your revenue.

big data, big personalization



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