Big Data Management and Analytics

Everyone offers data but few can process, manage and analyze it. We have created a cloud-based data management and analytics suite that gives only joy and no headache to any data geek.  See 50%-200% revenue growth via shopper acquisition and conversions

Full access to Analytical Workbench

Get a complete access to Infernotion's front end Analytical Workbench that offers analysts programmability in Scala, R, Python, and SQL. It easily integrates with 3rd party business intelligence tools like Tableau, Power BI and with IoT (Internet of Things) gateways. Run your queries, test hypotheses, and build probabilistic analyses to run your business based on data.

Risk-free data storage

Infernotions' data management and analytics suite functions as a distributed file system, that means that even if several data nodes fail, the risk of complete system failure is significantly lower. Your data is stored in HDFS with 3x redundancy and 100x parallelization, ensuring that even in the most catastrophic events, your data is never lost.

High-speed data processing

Our data management is based on a horizontally scalable distributed file system that enables the user to easily find the locations of data clusters in question. Also, your data and the analytical workbench are located on the same server thus allowing much faster data processing.

Scaling with your business

As your business scales up, we go with you. Infernotions Big Data management and analytics suite is one of the most adaptable platforms available on today's market. Run thousands of terabytes of data without worrying about lack of storage.

Powerful solution at a fraction of a cost

An in-house data management infrastructure often costs in the six figures. Infernotions' analytical suite will cost you 5 times less and offer unprecedented flexibility for aggregating, storing, managing and analyzing your company's evergrowing data sets. Lower operating costs by $250K+ p.a. on salaries and software licenses for enterprise analytics.

An ultimate tool for a massive data type variety

Gain deep business insights from all the touch channels you interact with your shoppers. Our Big Data management suite allows working with both structured and unstructured data. The suite can be used for data warehousing, marketing analytics, recommendation engines, query processing and even fraud detection.

More about Big Data Infrastructure

Learn more how can Infernotion's Big Data infrastructure assist your needs.