How to build marketing intelligence on the cheap with 3rd party data

ball and socket joint acxiom with infernotionsAnalytics has evolved tremendously since the turn of the century. As of 2012, the Gartner hype cycle shows analytics initiatives near the so-called Plateau of Productivity. Recent years are seeing the convergence of social, mobile and Big Data. While the savvy marketer understands the benefits of analytics she/he may not have the budget or the resources to build the requisite infrastructure internally. As part of our mission to become the one-stop shop for digital marketers we can apply data appends via 3rd party providers as part of our standard Polytab offering. Here are the benefits

Multi-channel precision marketing

  • Integrated customer personas : Marketing strategies are built around customer personas with evocative names like “Double income no kids” or “Affluent urban seniors” etc. But these personas remain pie-in-the-sky for direct marketing if they can not be individually linked to every customer in the database. The demographic and behavioral data appends are necessary to build the linkage. In the case study below, this linkage led to a jump in revenues per contact by over 40%.
  • Polytab has a new utility for social network sign-ons to provide  integration between social media and CRM systems. Data appends to the social media feeds further help characterize the social followers and characterize the social, mobile activity versus the traditional channels.
  • Direct mail booster campaigns: Direct mail is still a popular way to get your offer directly in the hands of the consumers. It is also expensive. Third party population demographics data are useful when identifying neighborhoods to target for mail drops. Lookalike models are built at the postal code level and delivered throughPolytab.

Lower total cost of ownership

If your customer base is (say) 20 million strong but 80% have attrited, it makes no sense to pay for a full data append. Filtering the request through Polytab’s segmentation means data need only be appended for specific customer groups – such as the active file, or the shoppers who purchased big ticket items 12-24 months ago, etc. The costs are significantly lower.

To know more about Polytab pricing (with or without the data appends) contact the sales team through the link below.

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Retailer integrated intelligence in campaign processes, grew revenues per contact

Acknowledgment: Image of ball and socket joint by jensen.alika used with permission under creative commons license agreement.

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