Shopper's path to purchase takes them from online research to your brick-and-mortar store, to your call center and back to your website. Your shopper twists through multiple channels and engages with your brand online and in the physical world. Learning their path gives you the benefit of serving your customer smarter and selling more. Observe 50%-200% revenue growth via shopper acquisition and conversions.

Gain insights into what drives in-store sales

Why did your customer choose to visit your store over your competitor? Learn their prior to purchase activity online and offline to improve your customer acquisition. Cut the waste and focus on the best performing channels to drive more in-store sales.

Understand your canna-shoppers digital activity

Your shopper's digital activity is getting more complex every day. Infernotions delivers an adaptive technology for mapping the shopper's path across each touch and view. The technology factors in all your paid and organic marketing touchpoints, email opens, display impressions and repeat purchases allowing you to allocate your budget to the highest performing channels.

Plan and anticipate your stock

Point of Sale (POS) analytics collects rich data on cannabis shoppers. These data comprise shopper data as well as inventory information in the store. Infernotions IoT analytics provides a business intelligence portal for guidance on what’s selling & how well,  implements a demand forecasting engine and guides where your investment. The combination of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics help you sell more and service better.

Gauge the influence of your call center

Complex shopping journey often needs support from call centers. It is often unclear how much to credit the call center for online sales. Moreover, how much credit to give to digital marketing for phone sales? Measure the two-way impact of your call center through Infernotion's business intelligence platform to evaluate your call center performance and convert your shoppers faster.

More About Canna-shopper behavior analytics

Learn how Infernotion's shopper behavior analytics can help you come out ahead of your competition.