Customer behaviour in the omni-channel age – An infographic

The advent of smart phones and tablets has changed how people shop. It has blurred the lines between the offline and online worlds. Omni-channel marketing means that consumers are now browsing aisles in stores while reading online reviews on their smartphones before making a purchase. They are starting a transaction on their smartphones and finishing it on a computer. Customers are more aware than ever, when making a purchase they’ve done their research. On average customers use 10.7 different sources before making a purchasing decision.

In order to be successful and competitive retailers must embrace omni-channel marketing. Marketers have to increase their customer intelligence by analyzing purchasing patterns, social network affinities, website visits and loyalty programs. Using this intelligence marketers can segment their data and send offers that will appeal to each segment on channels that will most likely reach each segment.

The infographic below illustrates this by showing how consumer behaviour has changed as smart phones and tablets have become common.

Has omni-channel changed how you market to your customers?

Omni-Channel infographic - final final


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