The dos and don’ts of personalized marketing

personalized marketingTo be competitive more companies are turning to analytics and data to make their marketing more effective by adding personalization. For some businesses personalization means simply adding in their customers name to the email and for others it means sending unique offers based on past behaviour and predicted future behaviour. For example Target has said by analyzing their data they are able to determine which customers are pregnant and their approximate due date, and they are using this information to send offers and coupons of relevant products at the right time. Companies are compiling data from everywhere – internal sources, cookies, wifi, social media, mobile usage, and various 3rd party sources among others.  So, with all this data available and analysis becoming more sophisticated how do you add personalization to your marketing without alienating your customer?


– make sure your data is cleaned before you use it

– ensure your data is accurate

– use personalization to eliminate featured items your customer has already bought

– set defaults for missing data

– use form validation to safeguard against misspellings

– personalize to make it easier for your customer

– personalize to send your customers relevant offers



– personalize  for the sake of personalizing

– over target the content you show your customer

– personalize until you understand the needs of your customers

– creep out your customers by showing ads that too closely mimic their searches

– make it obvious to your customers how much you actually know about them


Credit: Image of Be Different by miamism and used under license of Creative Commons

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