Here’s what happened: Good multichannel marketing practices that make your brand roar

multichannel marketing

I enjoy watching good ads but have to admit, it’s getting difficult to skim through all the popping ads, auto-play videos and such, bombarding through every possible channel. What makes the ad good? Does auto-play help or hurt your brand? This is part of the weekly pulse on multichannel marketing.

Top quotes on multichannel marketing strategy – What works

Mid November this year London (UK) hosted a Festival of Marketing. It’s a fantastic event showcasing the best of the marketing arena. Surprisingly, brand of the year Grand Prix winner – ALDI. The brand that’s marketing is one of the least aggressive in my experience. Is minimalism a way to go then? How do other brands reach their customer?

Ben Davis of Econsultancy pulled together quotes of marketers sharing their strategies for multichannel approach. Here is my favorite quote of Matt Roberts from Argo:

More data from stores showed that the digital journey often led nearly to reservation, then customers saw there was plenty of stock and so didn’t reserve but just headed to store.

Up until recently we weren’t aware of that. ROI at the moment would define that as no sale [for the online team]. Luckily digital is doing well enough at the moment that this doesn’t affect us too much.”

This is a great insight and proof of the need to know the actual customer journey in order to filter out false numbers and to allot the credit for the right channels.

A dark cloud over Black Friday? 

Holiday period is the time where retailers go extra mile in marketing to pull that stray customer towards them by any means available. Having multiple means and channels is important but knowing what works is the key here. As research shows, this year customers are not too excited about the overload of ads – over 80% of tweeters have a negative sentiment about the Black Friday. This might make it a bit difficult to turn black fiscally and rather put a black cloud over the brand that is overloading the customer with ads. Our advice here – have the analysis of the ad performance and build a predictive model to know how much is not too much. Find more interesting holiday stats here.

Wanted: Digital media audits

As  mentioned above, measuring campaign performance is a key to successful marketing, therefore a high ROI. But who should be responsible for measurement? “97% [of marketers] believe all digital media owners’ inventory should be measured by a third party.” To no surprise Google and Facebook were the major opponents of this initiative but finally had to give up and are now allowing third party measurements of video ad viewability. That’s a great improvement allowing marketers to get unbiased insights of their ad performance.

Youtube vs Facebook : Battle of videos 

Obviously, video ads on digital channels are becoming the tool of the choice for many marketers. Two of the most popular means are YouTube and Facebook. Reebok put the two to the test to find out which delivers greater value. This is what they found. “… combining YouTube and Facebook buys is the most effective method for marketers.” 

What is the best channel for a specific stage in the shopping journey?

A customer typically goes from being aware to familiar to interested in a brand before receiving a trigger to make the purchase. The shopping journey is defined by Mckinsey here. What is the best channel to promote the brand at the right stage of the shopping journey? Infernotions marketing effectiveness measurement technology can guide businesses large and small on these decisions. Contact us using the link below to learn more.

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