Google analytics and the case of the one-eyed horse

Following up on my colleague’s excellent post  on why Google Analytics horse-with-eye-patchcould be a dangerous choice for retailers. Here’s my 2 cents to illustrate the risks. I call it the case of the One-eyed-horse.

  • Name campaigns: So we’re working with a company that has excellent SEO. They are #1 in search for their product category across all search engines. They have also been bidding on their trade name and brand. Of course the ROAS (return on ad spend) is something ridiculous like 3000%. GA has no way of parsing out the true impact. When we did the statistical modeling across all campaigns this was the worst performing campaign for the spend. The budget for this name campaign was rolled back. Of course GA and omniture would not make such a recommendation because they rely on clicks alone.
  • How-to videos: Especially for home improvement companies and lifestyle brands, videos are an invaluable mean to communicate the product proposition. The engagement is part of the shopping journey.
  • Impact of non-digital: the budgets may be moving to digital, but a lot happens offline – including seasonal surges like Black Friday or that big celebrity endorsement in Fall. Giving credit to digital campaigns for stuff happening offline is a sure fire way to  misdirect your digital spend.

Net is, GA is a great tool but it largely measures spend versus clicks. And clicks is how Google makes money. I don’t think this is a deep nefarious tactic, but that’s why digital budgets are skyrocketing, because spend is being directed to what’s being measured… the Clicks.

You put a patch on a horse’s eye and it will go around in circles – that’s because it will walk only in the direction it can see.

The Infernotions way : Multi-touch, multi-channel, algorithmic attribution

To put it bluntly, our attribution technology makes sure your horse sees straight and wins you the race. If any of the above resonated get a users experience via the link bellow.


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