Here’s what happened: Instagram API Gold Rush, Autoplay videos, failure of Peanuts’ marketing strategy & the unstoppable Internet

Peanuts Panorama

Last weekend was turning DVD shelf into book shelf and found several seasons of the TV detective Monk. His favorite phrase when he untangles the mysteries of a crime is “here’s what happened”. To borrow Monk’s catchphrase – here’s what happened… in the world of media and advertising.


Instagram opened API: Is it a Gold Rush? 

Marty Swant writes, quality could become an issue with Instagram’s open API.  Facebook is not the sole player in the Instagram’s ad field anymore and that might cause a loss of quality of marketing content and an increase in quantity of pesky ads. Who will control the User Experience? Will the quality suffer?


Auto-play videos: Facebook started and everyone else followed

 “Some 88% of videos on 330 top websites play automatically”. This works for the publisher. Prices for video ads can be five to 10 times to even 20 times higher than prices for display ads. But opens the question what are brands getting from this expensive channel?  Read the comments under the article for the backlash.


Google, Facebook and the incredible unstoppableness of the Internet

Google and Facebook submitted entries to the 20th Annual Webby Awards’ call for posters inspired by the theme “The Internet Can’t Be Stopped.” The two tech giants should know, although the question is if this is how the media giants perceived the Internet or themselves. Click here to see the entries .


Peanuts movie: A failure in marketing strategy? 

The film had major brand partnerships and strong social presence but consumers did not engage at the same level as they did with the Minions effort. Agencies and tech firms concurred. One hypothesis is that Charlie Brown appeals for its legacy and the nostalgia factor for a different target generation than the Minions movie.


Measurement: the interface of marketing and commerce

Measurement sits at the interface of marketing and commerce. Video ads or display, social engagement or site visits, clicks or impressions – knowing where to spend is the key business problem for marketers. To find out how marketing campaigns impact your revenues, click the giant green button below.



Peanuts Panorama photo by Kevin Dooley used here under Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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