How could I love you less now that I know you more? An answer in a question

Does it help or hurt to know more  – to measure, map and capture every quirk and twist of the relationship? Whether a retailer, an advertiser on one’s significant other – the answer is a rhetorical question…

How do you Get the Customer?

So how does one “Get” the customer?
The answer is straightforward.

  • Go the extra mile.
  • Make the touch points special.
  • Plan for a long term relationship.

At risk of stretching the analogy, an e-commerce retailer has this come about through conversion path monitoring – from acquisition, through to (re-)conversion.


Try a free demo to learn more about conversion path monitoring – the best-in-class cross-device cross-channel attribution technology from Infernotions.


Hat tip to Said the Whale for the excellent music.

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