How to get the most from your mobile advertising spend?

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A shopper is influenced by many digital touch points on her path to purchase. Retailers have recognized this and grew digital ad spending 17.7% in 2014. The spending will rise another 15.5% in 2015, fueled by mobile. But since the shopper switches devices and channels in her journey retailers have a blind spot when it comes to measuring effectiveness of their mobile ad spend.  

Why do marketing leaders report modest success with mobile ads?

HeadacheRetailers are unavoidably turning their heads towards mobile but “marketing leaders report only modest success in the impact of mobile marketing activities”, says Christine Moorman of Forbes. Without a proper management and attribution, it’s very difficult to find success in such a dynamic environment. There are two common reasons why mobile advertising is a blind spot for retailers. 

  1. Paypal transactions are not recorded accurately on Google Analytics:  The free traffic monitoring tool is handy for basic monitoring but inadequate for tracking channel conversions since the Google Analytics code cannot be located on Paypal pages.  Research suggests that Paypal is a dominant payment channel for mobile users but the conversion path does not get recorded accurately on Google Analytics.  
  2. Mobile is on the path to conversion BUT is not necessarily the point of conversion. Research indicates that the mobile device is a handy tool for research and review of products, so can be a good use for customer acquisition and engagement. However, unless a retailer has its own app, shoppers still prefer purchasing on a device which is easier to type on. We also observe the same through the conversion path analytics for our clients.  

the root cause of mobile advertising pain is poor measurement systems and processes.

 How to address the pain with mobile advertising?

painkillersYou need robust measurement for your sales attribution. But… you must take the long view.

Recognize that the shopper does not purchase on a single interaction.

Use conversion path tracking. This gives you visibility into the following

    • What’s the role of each channel and device on the path to purchase
    • What is the acquisition profile of a customer who converts
    • What is the acquisition profile of a customer who does NOT convert

Knowing what works and how well gives you leverage. 

Make cross-device attribution a part of your analytics suite. Some of the criteria you should consider when evaluating a vendor are

  1. Media neutrality
  2. Data collection
  3. Cross-device tracking (probabilistic and data-driven methods)
  4. Affiliate monetization
  5. Time to onboard
  6. Cost

To know more about Infernotions’ cross-channel, cross-device revenue attribution technology try a free demo using the link below.


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Photo by Frank Lindecke Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)


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