How to set up Polytab attribution tracking using Google Tag Manager in under 3 minutes

attribution tracking

E-commerce companies of all stripes need guidance on where to direct their spending, at each stage of the customer journey, before and after the first sale. All it takes is 2 minutes, 21 seconds to get the complete view on marketing effectiveness. This post is part of a series on setting up your ecommerce website for attribution tracking. I will be doing a show-and-tell on installing the tracking pixel using Google Tag Manager, currently one of the most popular tag managers (as of Mar 19, 2016) according to

Google tag manager

5 Reasons why you should get attribution tracking for your ecommerce website:

  1. Knowing your customer journey;
  2. Knowing which channels/campaigns are moving customer through different shopping stages towards the purchase;
  3. Knowing which channels/campaigns are best performers in customer loyalty;
  4. Knowing the true impact of affiliates and display;
  5. Opportunity for planning a budget based on insights of all the above (read more about this here);

Video Tutorial for setting up your Google Tag Manager

Watch video how to do it. NOTE – this tutorial is for Google Tag Manager only, however process is similar on different platforms.

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