[Infographic] Are you sure your digital marketing is working?

According to a study by Adobe, only 9 percent of retailers are confident that their digital marketing is working. This is an alarming statistics given how widely digital marketing is used by retailers to reach customers. The situation is further worsened by the fact that 77 percent of marketers say that they are under pressure to prove campaign effectiveness.

The infographic below from Adobe does a great job of showing the “digital distress” prevelant among marketers today:

Adobe Digital Distress Infographic resized 600

 What’s the true ROI on digital marketing?

The key is to measure, and to be accountable for the ROI on your digital marketing spend. The challenge with most common technologies is that they rely on click attribution.

To see how a Senior Brand Manager got a handle on her social spend download the case study below. This solution does not rely on click attribution and also parses out the impact of Google Adwords marketing.

What's social engagement worth?   A Case Study in Revenue Attribution



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