Introducing the Polytab app for marketing attribution

Shopper journey analytics and marketing attribution

On December 22, 2015 Infernotions launched the Polytab app for marketing attribution.
Polytab is a marketing attribution SaaS (software as a service) solution. It is the culmination of Infernotions’ consulting and product expertise in the space.

Top 10 reasons for digital marketers to use Polytab marketing attribution

Here are the top 10 questions answered by digital marketers

  1. What % of orders are attributed to organic search ?
  2. What % of orders are attributed to marketing channels? How does the attribution change over time?
  3. How much do marketing channels contribute to phone sales?
  4. What is the state of the marketing pipeline on any given day?
  5. What is the contribution of each marketing channel to a particular stage in the marketing pipeline?
  6. How many shoppers move from one stage to the next through a given channel?
  7. What is the impact of display impressions (retargeting)?
  8. How to direct campaign spend across paid search campaigns (Google, Bing, Yahoo)?
  9. How much time does it take for a shopper to go from product awareness to purchase?
  10. What is the impact of marketing on first time shoppers versus repeat shoppers?

The service is accessible via its website

The market fit for Polytab marketing attribution

The product roadmap was developed off the following principles

  • The service must provide true marketing attribution
  • The service must be affordable for retailers with revenues sub-$10M.
  • The service must be able to deliver cross-channel attribution (eg. digital marketing attribution for catalog sales)
  • The service should be easy to set-up (less than 1 hour set-up time)
  • The language and the user interface must speak to marketers
  • The service should guide marketers on both third party channels to anonymous shoppers as well as in loyalty management
  • The service should necessarily measure marketing effectiveness beyond last click attribution.

… the outcome

The outcome is the software now available via

  1. Polytab is priced from $20/month and up.
  2. Polytab provides guidance to marketers (to paraphrase David Ogilvy) on the 99% of advertising that does not lead to a sale.
  3. The implementation takes as little as 3 minutes to set-up by marketers (without IT involvement).
  4. The service separates first time shoppers from repeat shoppers

Be our guest – take a test drive of Polytab

The product had to balance the left-brain, right-brain dynamic – analytical, affordable and hassle-free to set up on the one side and a fun, engaging experience on the other. We welcome you to try the product as our guest. Sign in to a guest account through the link below and take Polytab for a test drive.


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