IoT Platform Overview

Our mandate is to extract insights from the data stream received from the network of connected entities at a faster rate than it is received and at a price scaled to the volume and the pace of data.

Component overview

  • API: Interface to receive external 3rd party data streams and output to 3rd party action management.
  • Data repository: Multi-stage data storage and processing capability. The data are staged for batch transfer of data to data structures with different security layers. 
  • Analytics: Algorithms for machine learning, rules engine and insights gathering. This is a customizable layer.
  • Presentation layer: Hierarchical reporting layer with customizable front-end. 

Business Applications

  • Marketing (See Polytab Attribution technology)
  • Insurance (Fraud detection)
For the public list of companies who have leveraged our IOT framework via a Software as a Service model go to our Polytab Attribution website.

How can we help you?

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