The Marketer’s Guide to Actionable Data – An Infographic

Marketer’s know the importance of collecting data, but even though they know the importance of data 39% of marketers say their company’s data is collected too slowly or too infrequently and 29% say their company has too little or no consumer data. In addition to this even more marketers admit they are struggling to use data effectively in their marketing campaigns. 45% aren’t using data to personalize their marketing communications; and 36% say that they have lots of data but they don’t know what to do with it. So, what can marketers do to bridge the gap between collecting data and using it?

1. Compile data in one place and take inventory of what data is available.

2. Assess the data being collected – is it relevant to your goals? How does the data benefit your marketing campaigns? Ignore the data that doesn’t meet your current goal and focus on the data that is relevant.

3. Have the data exported and presented in a few different formats that are easy to read and look at. Sometimes just analyzing the data and looking at it in a new way with generate ideas. As a team brainstorm ways you can use the data in your marketing.

4. Evaluate the ideas and rank them according to the simple to the complex. Which are a long-term implementation, short-term implementation, can immediately implement?

5. Start to implement the simple initiatives that can be done immediately.

6. Plan out the steps you need to take to implement the short and long term ideas and build a timeline and budget for implementation.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day marketing tasks that you must do, but making time to think of new ideas is imperative to ensure that your marketing doesn’t get stale. The main thing to remember is to not get overwhelmed by the data and the ideas it generates. Stay focused on your goals and tackle new initiatives at a pace that makes sense for your budget and resources.

Marketers Guide to Actionable Data


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