Notes from IRCE2014: On Omnichannel strategy, Social media & more

IRCE Internet Retailer Conference Got back from IRCE2014 Chicago last week. What a feast! This was one of the best conferences I’ve been to. Great ideas shared, business done, excellent energy throughout. My rough notes from the conference sessions. Content highlights are just my emphasis.
Faisal Masud from Staples spoke on connecting digital and physical assets and their success drivers
  • Building web assortment in curated way. Content is proprietary and developed in-house.
  • Installing kiosks to drive instore sales
  • Cleaned up web site with bigger icons, 50% faster load time, responsive design
  • Goal is to make experience easy. Reduce friction
  • Key to a successful in-store kiosk strategy is associate training. Associates are rewarded for encouraging kiosk sales.
Carlos Gil (@Carlosgil83) from SaveALot @savealot on selling to millenials in a noisy social environment
  • Keep comunications short and snappy
  • Talk back, have dialog.
Jason Merrick from Peter Glenn Skis and Sports @PeterGlennSport,
Kevin Lyons from HH Gregg @hhgregg speak on reducing markdowns with store based fulfillment,
Roe Macfarlane @roemcf from Folletts book store
  • Why ship to store? Earnings prove it. Retail/square foot is going down
  • How do I overcome competition for sales recognition between stores and ecommerce? Give stores the credit for pick-up sales
  • How to get buy in from executives? Cold hard facts. Declining store sales. Web is growing
  • Which stores to pick for pilot? Look at talent. Pick “A” stores
Nick Palmisciano from Ranger Up @Ranger_Up on crowdsourcing
  • Tips on How to get 90% engagement on Facebook???
  • Dont get corporate
  • Use genuine content
  • Creative content
  • distinct voice
  • Goal is to have conversation
    • educate
    • entertain
    • occasionally sell
  • “Revel in the disdain of people who do not share our values” 

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