What is the omni-channel marketing ecosystem?

describe the imageMarketing is seeing a renaissance with a slew of new tactics available for the digital marketer. The idea of multi-channel synchronization has been around a while. Back in the late 90’s I remember sitting through some seminars on the single view of the customer. However digital marketing has evolved so much that the seamless marketing experience is now very much a reality. The convergence of social, mobile and display has made it possible.

Not only can we now synchronize merchandise across different channels, it is also feasible to drive consistent brand messaging for a user across multiple channels. This is possible through retargeting and the social platforms. The omni-channel marketing ecosystem below.
The horizontal line spans the channels where the targeted consumer is unknown – through to the known customer. The vertical line represents the spread from the owned channels through to the 3rd party channels. So for example, typical direct marketing channels like email marketing would fall in the bottom left quadrant and mass media would be in the top right.

Better returns on marketing investment

Research from IDC Retail Insights indicates that while multi-channel shoppers spend on average 15-30% more than a single channel shopper, the omni-channel shopper still exceeds the multi-channel shopper spend by another 15-30%. The omni-channel shopper is also more informed, more socially connected and can be an effective brand promoter.

Social is key

In the graphic above it is key that the social channels are the key to movign the customer from low-return marketing to the highest ROI channels like email.
Our strategy for the Polytab marketing intelligence automation hub is to deliver a single platform for building and deploying marketing intelligence across multiple channels. This cuts down on operational overhead. It also makes it possible for a marketer to migrate consumers from the top right of the quadrant (least efficient) to the bottom left (most efficient).
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