Peeling the plastic: v2.0 slicker, smarter revenue attribution

Back in 2012 we launched web-enabled marketing intelligence automation. In 2013 we focused the solution on a very specific business problem – how to measure the revenue impact of digital marketing on offline channels. Version 1.0 of the solution did well but there’s always room for growth. So here’s version 2.0 – a  smarter, slicker, faster revenue attribution solution. Let’s peel the plastic together (with due credit to Howard & Raj and the writers at The Big Bang Theory)


It’s all about form and function. Here are the first few features you will notice

  • Faster uploads: This was a big architectural shift. v1.0 did number crunching on all charts Omni two oh image resized 600at the server level and then pushed the data through. v2.0 splits the load. You see the benefit immediately in the upload time for the dashboard and reports.
  • Slicker interface: Yes the new interface is slick. But how to cork lightning. I cannot describe it in words. We wanted to make the interface intuitive, nicer and FUN. So that’s what we rolled out. Don’t take my word for it. Contact me and we’ll go for a spin.
  • Enabled for handheld: Our clients are not tied to a desktop. So why should the solutions they use? v2.0 uses responsive design across all pages.

Wait.. There’s more …

  • Voice commands (targeted for 2015): Ever tried going to a specific page on your favorite mobile solution by tapping and rolling all over the screen. It’s frustrating. V2.0 is now enabled for audio. We’re not ready to roll it out yet but sometime in 2015 you’ll be able to say “What’s my social ROI” or “Forecast June” and jump to the report. Yes, it’s that cool.


But what’s beauty without smarts? v2.0’s got power. Let’s pop the hood.

  • Prediction canvas: It’s not just enough to know
    how your marketing has worked. You asked how much we could get if we turned the knob. So that’s what we deliver. And the prediction canvas on the interface gives you that real-time insight.

prediction canvas


  • The Social Construct: The lovely thing about social media is that if a ‘follower’ likes you, all her followers see what it is she likes about you. That compounding effect is immensely valuable and ultimately drives  brand lift. The revenue attribution algorithm factors this in.

net promoter score for connected networks


  • The Curation tool: One big challenge we have when draing data off social media is that the content is often poorly labeled. So we pulled together a curation tool to tag content when it goes on.

So that’s what the R&D team’s been working on for the last year [Credit to Leszek Reimus & Co.] and I’m glad to finally share it with you.

Seeing is believing

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