Q&A at eTail West: Top questions on attribution from ecommerce retailers

We were manning our booth at the eTail West Trade show in Palm Springs in the picture above. I am from Chicago. Varun’s from Toronto. Can you tell by our smiles we have been enjoying the California sun?  🙂 Thanks to the eTail folks for running a fantastic show. And thank you! to all who stopped by our booth for a chat. We discussed business, talked about alliances, shared our respective experiences in the space. All in all – it was a great experience and we will be back.

We got into some deep conversations and I wanted to share the frequently asked questions.

Q: Do you use third party data to capture our traffic information?

A: No. We could work with DMPs, but that comes at a steep cost and we would have to pass on costs to customers. We collect data on our own servers. BTW these data that are not sold to remarketers or agencies. We need to keep costs down and there’s marginal incremental value. We already are touching about 1/5 of the US market as of Feb 2016 and growing rapidly. 

Q: How do you know it’s a repeat user?

A: Short answer – device fingerprinting.

Q: How do you link CRM data to the paid search activity?

A: We have the breadcrumbs on visitor fingerprints before and after their first purchase. The beauty is that if you have a golden customer segment who does multiple purchases, we can trace their journey all the way to the first time they became aware of your brand. So you can over invest on those channels that deliver the most lucrative customers. 

Q: How can you measure TV and print ad impact?

A: Yes. It’s a custom add-on. Read this article for more details.

Q: How do you separate from the competition – Adometry, Convertro etc?

A: It’s a single purpose technology – priced to suit small to mid-market retailers. While the competition focused on paid search which arguably is yesterday’s technology – we’ve built superior capabilities on specific use cases with display, affiliates and shopping funnel optimization. Our audience is the retailer who wants to answer questions for growing profitably – while our competition targets agencies who want to manage ad budgets. 

Our audience is the retailer who wants to answer questions for growing profitably – while our competition targets agencies who want to manage ad budgets.

Q: Can you tell me, which landing pages have the most traffic from which marketing channels?

A: Yes. We capture data on referrals, landing pages, keywords (for paid search). This is a true Big Data play. And now it’s accessible to retailers of ALL sizes. (couldn’t resist inserting my own editorial voice there 🙂 

Q: Can you tell what display is delivering? How many are Prospected as well as remarketed? How?

A: Yes and Yes. We track impression and click touches leading up to the first sale. So we look over the timestamps for the display impressions to ascertain whether the shopper was a first-time visitor, or someone who was dormant , or whether he/she is a frequent visitor to your website. Read more on the how-to here with a case study. 

Q: How do you measure affiliate performance? Can you help me negotiate affiliate compensation?

A: Our clients use us to identify underutilized top of funnel channels & campaigns. So if you have an affiliate delivering conversation but it does not show up near the last click, we pick up on that. On the flip side, if you are looking to negotiate with affiliates you get the insights on how many shoppers go coupon shopping right after filling the shopping cart. So many ways you bump your profits. We also find if affiliates activate dormant shoppers.

Q: What is your multitouch attribution algorithm? 

A: The attribution algorithm considers the browsing pattern of shoppers. We analyze clicks in clusters. It is a nonlinear function of browsing frequency and browsing intensity. We also wean out the impact of “direct-direct” by giving weight to the preceding touches. This is much superior to the popular linear, time decay etc methods. I can walk you through some illustrations if interested.

Q: How do you do attribution for phone or in-store sales ?

A: We close the loop on the shopping journey by using email pixels to link post-purchase offline activity to the pre-purchase online activity. Once the data are there, the analytical algorithms kick in. 

Q: How do you do cross-device attribution?

A: It’s a mix of probabilistic and deterministic methods. Contact us to learn more.

Q: What’s your pricing model? 

A: It’s based on page views for the base package, with set-up fee for the add-on packages. Base pricing starts from $100/month. See here for details

Q: Is Polytab.com your product? Why is it a different brand?

A: Yes it is. We are in the middle of a rebranding. Infernotions Tech will remain the parent company but you’ll see the attribution product and related branding get more exposure.

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