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Polytab is made by marketers for marketers with engagement from our retailer partners on what is most useful and most usable. When you sign-in you will see the following*

  1. How MANY people are active in the various stages of my marketing pipeline
  2. What ROLE does each marketing channel's have in moving shoppers through the pipeline
  3. How LONG does it take for a shopper to move from becoming aware to making their first purchase?
  4. How many shoppers ABANDON the pipeline from specific marketing channels after initial engagment?
  5. Where to ALLOCATE funds to maximize returns?

The advanced modules are disabled in the demo  - retargeting (display impressions) attribution , phone/catalog sales attribution, but you'll get the picture of what's possible.

Give us a call after your walk through when you are ready to kick off the 30 day trial. 

Shopper journey analytics and marketing attribution


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