Free Analytical Maturity Assessment Calculator

We all know companies like Amazon excel in using customer data to continuously engage customers with timely, relevant product positioning; but where do you stand against this Gold standard?

Free-Marketing-Intelligence-Maturity-Self-Assessment_new1Do you know what level of analytical maturity your organization is at? There is more to analytics than reporting and data management. Analytical maturity requires a blend of processes, people and technology.  This is why we developed this tool as part of our strategy consulting as part of a basic gap analysis. We are pleased to make this available for free for the community to find out why your competitors (and Amazon) are eating your share of the market.

  • which of your organization, your processes or your technologyis your weakest point;
  • what is your overall score on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being an ad-hoc practitioner and 5 being a mature industry leader);
  • Are you ready for Big Data? If your score is less than 3, we recommend a re-think. It suggests foundational problems in project leadership, technology readiness or business process integration.

What you get

Submit your information on the form to the left to be directed to a 33-point questionnaire.

Please allocate at least 15 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. It is worth the time. You will be graded on your organizational, process and technology maturity on a range from the 1-ADHOC practitioner (Reactive and transaction oriented operations with disparate technologies and poor data quality) to the 5-OPTIMIZED practitioner (CEO level commitment to analytics. Data driven product design and customer strategy, with enterprise-wide common view of customer, IT and metrics).

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