Free Loyalty Program Cookbook: Recipes for success

Download the best-practices loyalty program cookbook by entering the form to the right. The process was drafted by a team with over forty years cumulative experience in the area of marketing and process transformation.

What you will find out

  • What is The Big Picture for your program to track your progress and get management support;
  • What are the absolute fundamental requirements for a successful Loyalty program? Make sure you have these in place before you even embark on the journey;
  • What key metrics you need to track? Hint: It's not the views and open rates you get out of Google analytics or Omniture. It's simpler, and yet more profound.
  • And if you already have a Loyalty program in place..., wCuts_of_meathat enhancements should you consider to get even more share of the customer wallet?

The cookbook distills our experience in Loyalty marketing to key concepts. In keeping with the cooking analogy, the presentation is light and draws parallels with cooking. Like the Beef cuts image above by Joe Smack, reused with permission from Wikimedia

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Free Loyalty Program Cookbook: Recipes for Success

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