See how a multi-channel retailer automated its marketing intelligence with Polytab cloud analytics

What will you see?

You will be sent a link to a youtube video that shows

  • Automated marketing intelligence by way of reporting, segmenting, target marketing.
  • How a single view of customer improves campaign performance
  • How delivering process intelligence to front line marketers removes the pressure on IT
  • How to create ROI measurements across channels and product divisions
  • How to use multiple segmentation schemes (without being swamped by technology).

About this customer:

The company featured in the webinar is a multi-channel retailer with close to $2B in sales annually through direct marketing (catalog + web channel).

Their objectives:

  • Measure returns on marketing campaigns
  • Monitor customer performance by segment
  • Improve campaign targeting and messaging
  • Improve marketing metrics (revenues per contact)
  • Lower IT overhead

PolyTab webinar screenshot

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About The Presenter

Varun Madhok , Head of Client Services, Has spent his 20 plus year career deploying embedded analytics solutions for different industry verticals.

About PolyTab

PolyTab is a cloud based customer intelligence platform that lets you identify your best customers, how they respond to marketing campaigns, what they purchase and how they behave over time.