How to use consumer telematics to augment market research

What-the-future-holdsConsumer telematics is an arm of the Big Data phenomenon that can potentially change the way marketing is done. Businesses as diverse asinsurance, beverage companies, big box retail, consumer electronics and car companies are now using telematics to get visibility on how (and how much) consumers are using their offerings

What you will find out

This sensitized report showcases how the product team and the marketing organization of a consumer electronics company are using consumer telematics. Some takeaways:

  • Self-reported consumer surveys can be wildly inaccurate; telematics is more accurate and does not suffer from small-sample bias
  • Telematics data need not be linked to customer identifiers to be useful
  • The 80-20 rule holds up on product usage across models but varies across different customer segments
  • Email campaigns can be very timely and on-message using real-time telematics data

These discoveries are being used to improve product design, set product pricing, optimize retail shelf-space allocation guide email marketing campaigns.

In many ways telematics is displacing traditional market research.

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