Segmentation Sorcery – know your customers better: An infographic

The following infographic by Direct Marketing News, based on a survey by Yesmail Interactive shows a lot of interesting information. From this information it’s apparent that B2C marketers have far to go in terms of effective direct marketing. 

  • 53% of B2C marketers believe that they have an excellent understanding of their customers purchase history; 42% of basic demographic behaviour; 27% of household composition; 21% channel preference
  • 86% believe they could do a better job of customer engagement if they had better access to more data sources
  • Marketers who say the following hinder their ability to send personalized customer communication: 42% because of marketing tools; 34% because of poor data quality; 42% because of fragmented marketing system


Segmentation Sorcery

B2C marketers are under pressure to increase their revenue, and using data effectively is a budget friendly way to increase revenue without an increase of budget. Download our case study featuring one of our e-commerce customers who we helped implement segmentation into their email and Facebook campaigns, resulting in a 25% increase in revenue.

Case StudyHow a retailer used omni-channel marketing intelligence to grow revenues


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