Epson America Uses Big Data Analytics to Streamline Marketing Decisions

epsonEpson America Inc. is the U.S. affiliate of Seiko Epson Corporation and a leading provider of digital imaging products including printers, scanners and LCD projectors.

The Challenge: Manual process, Data volume and complexity, limited reporting options, slow analytics turnaround times, inflexible.

Nick Billow, Group Product Manager at Epson America - "It is critical in today’s business environment to have instant and easy access to critical data analytic capability.  Our challenge was to improve our ability to access a large volume of complex data. It was not the best environment to make business decisions"

Infernotions Solutions Used: Polytab data mart, Analytic services, On-demand analytics portal.

The Result: One record of truth, available on-demand, across the company.

Susheem Gupta, Manager Strategy and Analytics - "Access to the Big Data consumer analytics and the rapid turnaround has improved my team's effectiveness in support of business decision-making.  We have been able to demonstrate the power of this data to both our Epson America and Seiko Epson leadership.”

Infernotions Demo