Riding Information into the 21st Century

Enabler of retailers, manufacturers, farmers, insurers using the Internet of Things (IoT technologies), Big Data analytics and a wide offering of related services.

IoT Solutions

A growing number of business processes can be optimized through precision monitoring and management.

Companies of all sizes and industry verticals, as diverse as farmers, manufacturers, retailers and insurers, use our big data supported IoT technologies to gain the deepest insights and control over their processes.

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Crop Analytics

Infernotions’ revolutionary technology helps farmers maintain their yields as they scale production and reduce crop loss by as much as 20% through early detection of stress due to pathogens (such as mildew) or insects.

The technology uses Infernotions’ multispectral data-gathering technology and big data management infrastructure.

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Marketing Analytics

Marketers are increasing spending on overlapping ad technologies and influencer platforms but lack measurement on the clear benefits to the business.

Polytab analytics provides guidance on what’s working, how well and where to spend next. It also includes a customer data platform to complete the view of the shopper.

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